The appointment of Tony Adams as manager of Granada certainly raised a few eyebrows last month, not least due to the pattern on the suit he was wearing at the time.

Unfortunately for Adams, results have not gone according to plan so far. Since he took over, Granada are the only side in La Liga yet to put a single point on the board, as the below table shows.

La Liga Table For The Period That Tony Adams Has Been Manager Of Granada

They were already in the relegation zone when he took over though, having taken just one point from their previous six matches, so it is not a surprise to see that they have continued to struggle.

The fixtures he has faced also haven’t been easy; they have faced two of the top four, and nobody who is currently lower than 12th. Has Adams made any impression on their underlying shot stats though?

The following table shows Granada’s total shot stats, plus before and Adams took over, and the change between those two sets of matches. All figures are per game.

Granada Stats

None of the figures have improved since Tony Adams took charge. It is perhaps initially surprising to see that the defensive figures have all got worse, considering the former Arsenal captain’s reputation as a player, but Granada have played three of the five top scoring La Liga teams in his time at the club, so it’s not that strange.

Although El Graná have already been relegated, they face the one team below them (Osasuna) in their next match, so perhaps Adams can put a win on the board before he departs at the end of the season. He was always on a hiding to nothing in this job, but he has not been able to give the club a fabled ‘new manager bounce’ over the last month or so either. Onwards and upwards, eh, Tony?